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I’m 'sooo' thrilled that you’re here.
I'm an entrepreneur, a wife, and a mom of 3 beautiful children. I created Assertors Kindness Tools (Kids' Kindness Kit, Children Books, Affirmations, Planners and Journals) to inspire friendliness, consideration for others, hope, and create opportunities for preservation of stories and memories. 

I believe that acts of kindness make the world more beautiful. I imagine a future where the younger ones of today develop into grown-ups demonstrating kindness. This can be possible if we as grown-ups today, act today.

People don’t always offer the validation we desire, and as a result, we might feel rejected, alone, or worthless. In such instances, I urge you to be assertive in caring for "you".
I encourage you to read on about the values 'Assertors' represent and therefore see if they align with your values, interests, and goals.

" I'm hopeful doesn't mean I'm ignoring reality; my assertiveness is winsome, magnetic, attractive, sweet, and compelling"

Ola Williams

Kindness Tools

Kindness Kit

Kindness is showing empathy to oneself and to others. It is going on a retreat for well-being; kindness to oneself. It's about being considerate in the way we speak and act (or not act). When we speak with kindness, it's not about what we say. It's about how we say it. And if we believe how we say things, and what we say, affects the environment around us, then why don't we say good things? And it doesn't mean that only good things will happen to us; like I tell people, but at least when things happen, we choose how we respond. Or we can choose to respond in ways that make the energy around us positive. And I think that just makes a whole lot of difference.

And if we go a step further by teaching our younger ones to be more positive; at least we can contribute to making the world a better place.

Children's Books

A while ago, I went out with my son. As we were waiting in a lobby, to be served a particular service, he said to me "Mommy can you buy me a Journal?" I asked him what he wanted to use a journal for to which he replied he would like to use it to record his life. Now, I thought to myself "that is so amazing". I thought it was deep for my son, who was 8 years old at that time, to be thinking of doing this. It made me reflect on so many things – children have vivid imaginations; they need us to nurture this part of their lives. They have the potential to create. They need tools to assist them in doing this. I believe that acts of kindness can make their imagination come to light. I imagine a future where the younger ones of today develop into grown-ups demonstrating kindness. This can be possible if we as grown-ups today, act today. That’s why I created children books – to encourage kids to demonstrate acts of kindness in their own ways. If you believe in kindness, I encourage you to engage with the books here.

Affirmation Cards

I've always formed the habit of declaring positive words to myself, believing the words I say.

Now, does it mean that I haven't had negative experiences? Absolutely not. But, I have practiced to react positively to whatever experiences I'm having. And it feels better.

Overtime, I started to intentionally create words of Affirmations. And declaring them to myself.

Now, my children join me in affirming positivity. They love it. It's the one thing I don't have to remind them to do. They just do it. Their enthusiasm with affirmations interests me. And I find this practice helps in building their confidence and self-worth, no matter what is happening around them. The words stay with them.

This inspired me to create affirmation cards. My desire for positive mindset is apparent in every word created in each card.