The Scent of Water

Last Valentine's Day, I received a gift of flowers. And they were very lovely. I decided to put them in a vase, and I put water in the vase. I filled the vase to the brim with water. I put it on my reading table.

After about a week or so, I noticed that the water had reduced, almost dropping to the bottom of the vase. I looked at the vase closely. I know that water nourishes plants. But then subconsciously, I'd always assumed that the water must have an outflow, like a place where it will escape out of the container to be replenished with fresh water. But that day when I looked at the vase, it reminded me again of the power of water, no matter how little it is. That water in the vase was nourishing the plant. So, the plant was being put to life by the water. And even though the water didn't have a place of escape out of the vase, it escaped through the plant. The water in the vase was reducing gradually and the water was nourishing the flowers and the flowers were refreshed.

Meanwhile, there was no sunlight where I put the flowers. It was a dark place. So, it was just the effect of water.

It's simple but it's the lesson really. My mentor once told me that I should ignore negative comments because dirty waters don't stop plants from growing. So, I shouldn't let negative comments stop my progress. And I think that's very profound. Water is very, very amazing in its effect. Just the scent of water can have a therapeutic effect.

There have been times when I wanted to wash a tiny pipe in a bottle but I find that I don't have the tool to get to some parts of the pipe. At such times, I had applied running water. Initially, it seemed there was nothing happening and that I was just wasting my time. But then after allowing the water to run consistently, I would notice that whatever dirt that was in the pipe was being flushed out. A testament to the cleaning effect of water.

A friend of mine once visited me and while we were catching up on my kitchen table, she told me she had a dream about my house. In her dream, there was a flood in my house. We didn't make anything out of it. I pushed it away from my thoughts. About a year later, I had some unpleasant experiences - some will call these experiences 'storms'. Through further meditation, I was able to link the flood in my friend's dream to the 'storms'. The flood, you see, is 'uncontrolled water'. I was reminded that to get the benefits of water, it has to be controlled. Hence, even a scent of it may tend to be more useful than a flood of it.

Scent can be a distinctive smell, especially one that is pleasant. Therefore, it can be a blessing or a satisfaction. However, it can also stink. But the scent of water always gives. Gives more life. And so, I just wanted to share that. Sometimes we may just take a step back and just decide to heal whatever we are going through with the scent of water. Because water has the power to bring back to life.

So, it may be as simple as taking some drops of water a day. Some measurements of water a day. Just to nourish your body. Perhaps something is not looking lively, you may just want to apply the therapy of water to it and step back to see the changes that would bring.

Worry can weigh a person down, but an encouraging word cheers a person up. 'Cornish’s Cheer' hopes to be an encouragement to people who are under pressure, feel lonely, discouraged, or rejected. I hope these writings impart cheer, and hope and help you flourish with patience, love, and sincerity. Be encouraged and cheered. Also, practice 'chanting' positive affirmations, which can be a powerful tool to help boost confidence.

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