Testimonial Series - Preserving Cherished Stories

Over the next few weeks, this blog will feature testimonials from the staff of Cornish's Variety. Have fun as you read and hopefully, the stories inspire you in some way! If you'd like to join the conversation or share your cherished Cornish's stories, send us an email at info@cornishvariety.ca. You may also drop by the store to share.


My name is Ola Williams and I'm the owner of Cornish’s Variety. My job function involves providing strategic direction for the business and I also manage the day-to-day operations of the business.

What I like most about my job is the opportunity it provides to serve the community. Cornish’s prides itself on the stories centred around how the store has served community members dating back over 100 years ago. These stories are cherished by members of the community. It gladdens my heart that I'm able to contribute to the continuation of those stories. That the services of the store continue to improve the lives of the community members. I see that as a very key part of what I like about my job here. I like that it's a small community and people come in here and they're able to smile. Sometimes, they share a part of how their day is going and there is a sense of belongingness. I believe that’s the key essence of human existence. Ability to collaborate and be part of a family of people.

I have two amazing staff, Stephanie, and Dana. They are the best - dedicated and hardworking. They've been here for about a decade. They know the community members; they have a bond with our customers. No matter what is happening in my life, when I get here, I have some hope. Because I'm able to work with people that are genuinely kind and care about what happens to people. I think that's a very good gift. Stephanie is very hardworking, and I’ve not met a timelier person. If her shift time starts at 4:30am, you can trust that she’ll be here by 4:25am at the latest. Sometimes she'll be here several minutes earlier, by her own will, making sure she’s ready to start right on time. Dana's influencing skill is ingenious. She can upsell anything and I always look forward every day to seeing her positive demeanour.  They're both extremely dedicated and you won’t find them wanting in their chores.

Cornish’s is a small convenience store and a great place to work. It's fun working here. Every day provides another opportunity to serve people in meaningful ways and I do hope that if you're around the area you stop by the store sometime soon. Or you visit us at www.cornishvariety.ca to learn more about how we can be of help.

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