Slow down... take a deep breath...

Pedestrians, crosswalks, cars, and traffic signs. These are some of the peculiarities of downtown. The hustling and bustling. If you are a main street lover like me, you admire the settings as you pass by. But most importantly, you must pay attention. With everyone almost seemingly in a rush, it's almost inevitable to bump into something if not for traffic lights.

Driving through the fine evening scenery of downtown New Glasgow, I had to come to a halt. My then four-year-old daughter asked me "Mommy, why did we stop?" I hesitated, then realized we were directly in front of a red traffic light and I had almost absent-mindedly stopped the car. While waiting for the light to turn green, I quickly proceeded to explain the colors and their meaning to my daughter. "Red means a car should stop, while green means we can go," I said. "If you see the light on orange, it means you should get ready to stop" I further explained. "Oh, when does it turn orange Mommy?" she asked. For the next couple of minutes, I then engaged my daughter in the traffic rules as much as I could.

Later on, I found myself meditating on that chat with my daughter. As we journey through life, we have got to be intentional about watching out for traffic lights. On the roads, the government erects traffic lights primarily for orderliness. Without them, we can only imagine the chaos, not to talk of accidents and mishaps.

In our individual lives, including careers and businesses, we need to erect traffic lights. Not erecting this caution, can only lead to avoidable chaos. The unfortunate incident of Belv illustrates this point.

Belv is a Senior Accountant in a small/medium-sized organization. She has worked consistently hard, and she is now the leader of her organization's finance team. She leads a team of six Accountants and reports directly to the CEO. Belv's occasional arrogant attitude was initially ignored by her colleagues. This wasn't surprising given her excellence on the job. Belv is a seasoned Accountant. Despite her irrational reactions to issues, which are becoming increasingly rather difficult to ignore, the CEO still overlooked the inadequacy.

It was no secret to the staff that cash flow management was critical. Managers were asked to prioritize needed expenditures. The key message from the CEO to managers was "a budgeted expenditure does not mean it should be spent. There is a need to rank the item with other items to agree on priorities at any given time". The message seemed to be clear. Well, maybe to Accountants as obviously most managers still constantly overwhelmed the finance team with payment requests. Belv's character was put to its highest test. Unfortunately, this was the straw that broke the camel's back.

On a fateful afternoon, after Belv had turned down many unprioritized payment requests, one of the managers came to her office to request for payment of a seemingly urgent activity. Belv had had enough of these requests for the day. She wasn't having any more. The manager tried to explain the urgency. It appeared not paying would impede operations. Belv spoke to the manager aggressively and asked her to leave her office. The manager was embarrassed. The matter was reported to the CEO. Belv was fired that afternoon. It was a bitter end of Belv's career in the organization. An end that could have played differently had Belv erected traffic lights and taken a moment that afternoon to just 'stop' or ‘slow down’. In the real sense, Belv would have 'prepared' to stop during the events leading to the incident with the manager. 

During the day, even without any crisis, just taking deep breaths and mouthing internally '1001 and 1002' is enough to move on to another green light.

Worry can weigh a person down, but an encouraging word cheers a person up. 'Cornish’s Cheer' hopes to be an encouragement to people who are under pressure, feel lonely, discouraged, or rejected. I hope these writings impart cheer, and hope and help you flourish with patience, love, and sincerity. Be encouraged and cheered. Also, practice 'chanting' positive affirmations, which can be a powerful tool to help boost confidence.

Nothing in this blog is intended to serve as life, career, health, or financial advice. Do your own research.