Retail Reality

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What is retail? Retail, in my opinion, is buying and selling. It's exchanging what you have for what you need. Since money is a universal form of exchange, you exchange the money you have with what you need in any place where such a transaction is being made, as long as it's regulated - if there is orderliness in such a platform. That's retail in a simple form, in my opinion.

Next in our breakdown is reality. What is reality? Reality is "actual". Things as they are supposed to. Not abstract or idealistic or notional ideas. Reality is real life. For example, let's say you plan to go to New York in the summer of 2024. But then, the summer of 2024 comes along, and something comes up in your business or at your workplace or in your family and you can't go. That's the actual. That's your reality. Even though you had planned to go to New York, you cannot go anymore.

Now, with an understanding of each of the words 'retail' and 'reality', let's attempt to define retail reality. I define retail reality as actual occurrences in any platform of exchange of goods and services. What are the actual things that exist? What are the real-life occurrences? What are the truths that exist in any platform where there is an exchange of goods and services?

And that's what I'm exploring today. Why do I want to talk about it? Well, because retail is life. I don't think we can do anything without retail. You 'retail' from the time you wake up every day till you sleep at night. You have needs - whether to drink water, to walk, to visit the bathroom...

Therefore, the reality is, we are bound to exchange what we have with what we need. And so, it falls upon us to do it with some form of wisdom. What do I mean by this? I mean, for example, if you're thinking of shopping, shop local. Your local shops are the businesses around where you live and work. What's stopping you from shopping in those places? That's your reality. That's retail reality.

How about the reality of technology in retail? As we know, many, many years ago before the advent of computers, there were lots of manual processes. But now, the reality is we can hardly do anything without our computers. It's the same thing with technology. We are in the 21st century. Technology makes things convenient, as long as you're using it decently. So, if you have businesses that are within your locality, and they are online, why not go online and support them? That is part of your reality.

Another retail reality is "deals". Deals are bound to be offered from time to time. In the stores within your community, look out for those deals. Sometimes, people think these deals are tricks to get you to buy more. But the reality is that the retailer is genuinely looking out for you. Most retailers have sourced for good deals and when they offer them to you, that's their way of passing along those savings to you. Make use of the opportunity. For example, if you are offered a 4-for-$5 chocolate bar deal, go ahead and take it. As long as you are a chocolate bar fan. How about a discount on buying multiple drinks where you save as much as 75% when you buy two as opposed to one. Have you considered buying it and keeping the extra for the day when you will need it? You're saving money you see.

I do hope as you go from now on getting what you need with what you have in your immediate environment, you'd explore these realities.

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