Making Each Day Count

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I believe what counts each day is different for everyone. Here, I write about what I think counts. And by no means is this list exhaustive or ranked in order of importance. But I do hope that reading this prompts you to have some reflection to see to it that you’re spending your time on what really matters to you.

Albert Einstein reportedly had a sign on his office wall that said: “Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts."

This means that "what gets done" is what we usually wanted – not necessarily what really matters. This could make us focus on what is easy to measure, such as putting a dollar value on things, but ultimately, is this what really counts?

So, first of all, the first part of the quote emphasizes that what really counts may be somewhat difficult to put a price on.

Think about being alive, for example. How much does that cost? So, that should make us to be grateful, irrespective of whatever we may want that we may not have yet?

Then, the second part of that quote says -…”not everything that can be counted counts”. This asks the question – “if you are measuring something, does it really matter?”

This tells me that there are some things that really matter but you may not be able to measure them. I believe it’s worth pondering on so that we can really make each day count.  

When I think about the things we measure, I'm thinking perhaps birthdays? Milestones? Anniversaries? So, do such things matter? Yeah, I'll say they do. Because when we remember our birthdays, for example, it’s an act of being thankful and grateful. We can say then that gratitude does count. There's a lot of research that backs up gratitude as a necessity for your well-being. So, celebrating life, and counting it, I think that matters.

I believe alignment with our soul matters as well. Whatever it is that you believe in, you’ve got to hold on to. It helps to believe in something.

How about the gift of knowing people? One of my favorite mantras is “we cannot do life alone”. You are here to coexist in relationships with other people. Remember that when you are up close to people, it’s easier to know more about them. This should in turn help to make kindness our business.

Another thing that I believe matters is “service to humanity”. In what ways are you being of value or are you helping another person? And when you’re answering this, don’t think in terms of what’s in it for you.

And last but not in any way the least is reputation. Some people call it honour. Why do I think reputation matters? Because it outlives us. When you hear people talking about generational stories and being proud of these stories, then you understand the cruciality of reputation. Reputation is what you are known for, which stays on in your story, even when you’re no longer here.

Overall, let’s remember that when something counts, it should mean things like character, gratitude, and collaboration. Hopefully, that nudges you to at least ponder on what matters to you with a view to being more intentional in spending more of your time on those things.


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