How to Embrace Reality While Being Hopeful

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What is reality? What does reality mean to you? I see it as, what's really happening to you. The conditions, the circumstances in which you find yourself. That's the way I see reality. The things that are happening, which may be different from what you are hopeful for. And when I say how to embrace reality, while being hopeful, the difference is how you choose to respond to reality.

So, I would just like to say, the story of two people, one named Tom and the other named Flex. Both of them planned to receive $5 in a week's time and they both planned to buy a particular book from the bookstore when they received this $5. Unfortunately, when the week came, they each received $3. They didn't receive the $5 they were hoping for. Tom, on his part, decided to wait to receive the additional $2 before he would visit the bookstore. Flex, however, responded differently. He went to the bookstore and he had a conversation with the bookstore attendant. And what was the conversation he had? He asked the bookstore attendant if there were deals that were happening at the bookstore where he could still get the book that he had hoped to get for $5 at $3. After a couple of back and forth, the attendant was able to point Flex to a particular person that was willing to part with that same book for $3. Even though the book wasn't in the exact condition that Flex had hoped for. But it was still a book. You could still read it. It still fulfilled the purpose for which he wanted to use the book, which is to have knowledge. So, Flex got the book and went home and Tom was surprised. "You got the book?" he was asking Flex.

Anyway, the whole point of that story is to say Tom and Flex were faced with the same reality, which is they didn't get the $5 they were hoping for or what they had planned to get. However, Flex chose to respond a bit differently from how Tom responded. And because of the way Flex chose to respond, he got what he wanted. So, that story may seem simple to you. But the whole point is to have a reflection on how you respond. This can make a major difference between what's your experience, which is your reality, and being hopeful.

In talking about this also, I would like to also mention the idea of being proactive. When I think about being hopeful, I like to think of it in terms of being proactive and what does this really mean? I like to think about this in terms of "I'm acting instead of being acted upon.” You may be asking yourself what does it mean when I say I act instead of being acted upon?

Well, that simply means that I act based on my values. I make decisions based on my values as opposed to waiting for things to happen. As opposed to me reacting. I would rather make some decisions based on what I believe in, not based on what is the reality.

So again, I like illustrating things with stories or examples, if you like. This one personally happened to me and it's about being proactive and the idea of values and all that. So, there's this person that I was speaking to about synergizing some of our efforts. And at the end...after some back and forth, then she said to me, "Ola, you know what?" "I'm going to work with you because what you're proposing aligns with my values." So she's being proactive by acting based on her values. She considered her values above any other thing. And I think that's a very key point when we are deciding on something.

Can you consider your values? What are the things that you hold dear to your heart? Like your principles? So, base your decisions on that rather than the circumstances you may be seeing around you. And maybe that could make a difference.

That could be how you choose to embrace reality with a bit of hope and that could be the difference. That could be you being Flex as opposed to Tom.

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