Finding Strength In Quietness

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Here goes the story of Jay. So, there's this lady called Jay and she was working in an organization.

She had worked in the organization for about 12 years and there was this particular year, that she was due for a promotion. Everything pointed towards her being promoted. In fact, she had documentation. Nothing formalized but documentation in terms of meetings she had had with her direct supervisor - recommending her for a promotion. And so, she was waiting for it. But guess what? It didn't happen. Somehow, you know, call it politics…it’s something you’re probably aware of. It's part of an organization, especially when an organization is big to a particular size. Anyway, so Jay didn't get a promotion. She was so disappointed. In fact, everybody in the organization kind of felt sorry for her. But this was a case of - it was just beyond the people that felt sorry for her. So, to speak. It was from the powers that be. Jay was devastated.

But the interesting thing about Jay that people observed during that time was the serenity, the quietness about which she carried herself. It was visible. I don't know if you can relate. To the extent that people noticed that there was this quietness about her. When she resumes work in the morning till the time she closes at work, she just carried herself with this serenity that made her colleagues respect her carriage. Even with the heavy gossip in her office about the situation, due to the way that she carried herself, people kind of respected that composure, and people kind of thought about it twice before approaching her for any kind of insulting comments, so to speak. One of the leaders in Jay's place of work noticed this quietness about her, this serenity. Now this leader obviously was privy to some information that Jay wasn't privy to. So, this leader wrote Jay a personal email and said "Jay, I have noticed the way you've carried yourself throughout this situation about your promotion. And I would just like to tell you, for whatever it's worth, the decision wasn't personal". You know, that gave Jay further strength. The fact that somebody noticed her, and that somebody cared enough to tell her it wasn't personal.

What does this mean? It means the decision not to promote Jay at that particular time didn't have anything whatsoever to do with maybe her skills, or her qualification, if you like. It didn't have anything at all to do with that. It was more than that.

So that kind of encouraged Jay. And what other people that Jay shared the story with took from that was – when you are faced with situations beyond your control, why not be still? Why not find some strength in being still? In being quiet. In not being noisy. It's almost like if you are someone that likes nature, and you just maybe go early in the morning to where a stream is and you just observe and you just listen to how the water flows in the stream.

You can hear the stillness; you can hear the quietness. Or maybe you go to a forest or something. Just anywhere surrounded by nature. You can actually hear the quietness in the atmosphere and it's strengthening. If you haven't observed it before, I encourage you to do so. It gives you strength. There's this peace that comes with it. And that's the same kind of philosophy, if you like, behind the story of Jay.

When you are faced with a difficult situation or a situation where you do not have any form of control whatsoever, why not practice some stillness and find strength in being quiet for some time.

I do hope you gained one thing or the other and this is wishing you a very lovely week.

Stay encouraged.

Worry can weigh a person down, but an encouraging word cheers a person up. 'Cornish’s Cheer' hopes to be an encouragement to people who are under pressure, feel lonely, discouraged, or rejected. I hope these writings impart cheer, and hope and help you flourish with patience, love, and sincerity. Be encouraged and cheered. Also, practice 'speaking' positive affirmations, which can be a powerful tool to help boost confidence.

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