Darkness Cannot Extinguish The Light I Carry

One of the cards of 31-Day Assertors Affirmation Cards says, "Darkness cannot extinguish the light I carry." What does this mean? I like the book by Michelle Obama, "The Light We Carry." I like the book because it teaches us that every one of us carries a light. And if we intentionally go about our life, focusing on that light then the world will be a better place.

When I think about "darkness cannot extinguish the light I carry", I think in terms of how we, as a people, can make the world better irrespective of the behavior of the people that are around us. So, for example, a community or organization where there is bad leadership. Instead of you as a person complaining about the leadership, why don't you focus on the light that you have within you and decide that nothing will extinguish that light? It is often said that when light is shown in a place, there is no way darkness can prevail. If there's a dark room and you enter the room, you switch on the bulb, and light overcomes the room. Anything hidden in that room suddenly becomes exposed. In my example of a community, if there's a bad leader, if each person in that community decides to intentionally focus on exhibiting their light, that bad leader cannot exist because we are created as humans to coexist.

Someone that is corrupt needs some other corrupt people to be enabled. He or she continues to thrive as long as some other people are enabling the bad habit. But if there are no enablers, then there is no way that the bad apple can exist alone. This principle can be applied to your career or life. Instead of complaining about the leadership, decide to be a light.

So just make sure you do the right thing. Every time. I know doing the right thing can mean different things to different people. But I believe, instinctively, our conscience tells us when something is right or wrong.

So in every situation just think about your intention. What is my motive for doing this? And is this in line with the light in me? And then when you do that, you always constantly just manifest the light that is already in you. And whatever bad that anyone is doing whether it be a leader, that is not making the right decision, it would not even matter because you are not enabling those bad decisions. And I want to give a practical example. Again, in an organization, you have a leader that doesn't show up. The leader doesn't show up for meetings. The leader doesn't show up for the workers. But the staff need the leader to give authority for certain decisions. You as a staff what do you do? Do you join other staff to complain about this leader? Do you stand by the coffee table, or by the coolers gossiping about this leader or do you perhaps reach out to the leader if you can? We will call this leader Rose. So, for example, have you thought of reaching out along the lines of "I just wanted to say hello and I need a response to so and so..." You may want to go further by mentioning why you need that response as well as the implication to the organization of not acting now. Then give it some time But continue to show up. Imagine if there are 10 people in the organization including Rose, and each of the 9 continues to show up every day at work, and consistently reach out to Rose, I'm not sure Rose would be able to exist alone in that organization for long. Either of two things will happen. It's either Rose finds another place of employment or conforms with the light in the staff of that organization.

You can apply this principle in living with members of your family, community, organization, or nation. I believe darkness will not extinguish the light you carry.

Be encouraged.

Worry can weigh a person down, but an encouraging word cheers a person up. 'Cornish’s Cheer' hopes to be an encouragement to people who are under pressure, feel lonely, discouraged, or rejected. I hope these writings impart cheer, and hope and help you flourish with patience, love, and sincerity. Be encouraged and cheered. Also, practice 'chanting' positive affirmations, which can be a powerful tool to help boost confidence.

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