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Retail Therapy

If you're going through any kind of condition and if you have the resources for shopping, why not just go ahead and do it? At least, you control that. And you will be fulfilling a need.

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Retail Reality

In the stores within your community, look out for deals. Most retailers have sourced for good deals - that's their way of passing along those savings to you. Make use of the opportunity.

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Serve Me With Some Banter?

Banter - that play of exchange, especially when you visit a store. Do you like to exchange banter? Or would you rather like to be served and just be on your way?

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Why You Should Practice Kindness

Kindness is going on a retreat for well-being. It's about being considerate in the way we speak and act (or not act). If we believe how we say things, and what we say, affects the environment around us, then why don't we say good things?

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How to Stay on Track

Next time you have a goal set, try beginning with the end in mind. Imagine the end and work backward. It tends to be a game changer.

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How to Embrace Reality While Being Hopeful

Can you consider your values? What are the things that you hold dear to your heart? Like your principles? So, base your decisions on that rather than the circumstances you may be seeing around you. And maybe that could make a difference.

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