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Networking is like a buffet; no matter what you are offered, once you’re full, you’re full. But you may be able to take in some dessert. Networking can ensure that you still take a dessert, even when you’re full.

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Seeking To Grow In Times of Change

Is there something that has disrupted your routine? Why not consider checking for opportunities for advancement and see what's going to happen. And if nothing happens, at least, you'd be better off than the point where you started from.

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Finding Strength In Quietness

When you are faced with a difficult situation or a situation where you do not have any form of control whatsoever, why not practice some stillness and find strength in being quiet for some time.

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Simmering Your Projects

When something is simmering you don’t completely turn the stove off. And then when you finally turn the heat off, your project is ready to be served. You can then say to your tasters - Bon Appétit!

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How to Avoid Burnout

It's worth reminding yourself that more activities don't necessarily mean more productivity. Slow down in order to speed up..reset your goals so that you can be more productive. And be ready to come back to your purpose. 

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