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About Assertors Affirmations Cards

I've always formed the habit of declaring positive words to myself, believing the words I say. Now, does it mean that I haven't had negative experiences? Absolutely not. But, I have practiced to react positively to whatever experiences I'm having. And it feels better.

Overtime, I started to intentionally create words of Affirmations. And declaring them to myself.

Now, my children join me in affirming positivity. They love it. It's the one thing I don't have to remind them to do. They just do it. Their enthusiasm with affirmations interests me. And I find this practice helps in building their confidence and self-worth, no matter what is happening around them. The words stay with them.

This inspired me to create affirmation cards. My desire for positive mindset is apparent in every word created in each card.

Whether you're a mom that would like your children to practice positive affirmations, a student or a worker that wants to practice assertiveness, I encourage you to try the Assertors Affirmations Cards. People don’t always offer the validation we desire, and as a result, we might feel rejected, alone, or worthless. In such instances, I urge you to be assertive with words that aid positive mindset. Affirm yourself by believing what you declare to yourself. Afterall, asserting won't harm your well-being.

Be encouraged!


About Assertors Planners

I grew up in a family of six - my mom, my dad, my three sisters, and myself. A close-knit family. 

My mom is an only child so no extended family from her side. Now, my dad's side is a bit different. My dad is one of three children. So, I grew up around uncles, aunts, and cousins from his side. I recall we used to visit my uncle, my dad’s elder brother, during holidays. These visits were usually during Christmas time. I didn’t use to see my uncle and his family for the most part of the year, so I cherished the few days we would spend with them during those visits.

But most importantly, I cherished the cards my uncle used to give to me and my sisters during those holidays and our birthdays. I used to keep my cards and reread the words in them even years after each event. My uncle didn’t usually put extra words in those cards – they contained basically the pre-printed words that came readily made with the cards. But the words were as if he had written them himself. I started getting inspiration to write rhythmical words using the patterns from those cards.

At some point, I asked my uncle how he never missed a birthday. His response? He keeps a paper planner, where he schedules goals, events, and actions. Till date, my uncle doesn’t use a digital planner. He has kept to his paper planner. In his words ‘unlike having a planner on a mobile device which is prone to distractions, the paper planner helps me to keep focus’.

The Assertors Planners were created to continue to have planners available for more people like my uncle, who through their careful planning, would continue to inspire and create beautiful memorable experiences for younger ones.

The inspiration my uncle’s gesture gave me from his gifts of those cards has stayed with me. From there, I would meditate, write notes, and have guidance on my life’s journeys. These experiences created the poems included in the Assertors Planners. It is my hope that you find inspiration and guidance from meditating with these poems.

I encourage you to get one of these planers for the opportunity to inspire and create. Wouldn’t you rather your plans create cherished memories and inspire younger ones?

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About Assertors Journals

A while ago, I went out with my son. As we were waiting in a lobby, to be served a particular service, he said to me "Mommy can you buy me a Journal?" I asked him what he wanted to use a journal for to which he replied he would like to use it to record his life. Now, I thought to myself "that is so amazing". I thought it was deep for my son, who was 8 years old at that time, to be thinking of doing this. It made me reflect on so many things - wouldn't it be illuminating if we could all journalize our lives?

You are distinct and uniquely different. It would be beautiful to 'pen-to-paper' your colors of experiences. As you do this, I do hope you'll attract what you desire, navigating better through life as you learn and relearn.

I encourage you to join the community of Assertors telling their stories by themselves. Why? Because you're best positioned to tell your story. You're shining your light; thereby illuminating your life.

I have often wondered what happened during the time of my ancestors. For example, what kind of activities did my great-grandmother do? Do you find yourself imagining similar things? Well, generations after you wouldn't have to imagine anymore. By recording your events with this journal, you would have made a great impact.

Be consistent in journalizing and preserving your stories.

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